Smile Savings Membership

No insurance? No problem!

A large number of patients are finding it very very costly or difficult to obtain individual dental insurance plans, which is why we developed a plan that is much more affordable than insurance and can still offer savings on your dental needs!

For an annual membership fee, similar to what you pay for annual checkups, you will receive your visits included in the plan, as well as a 10% to 15% discount on all other services!

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Program Benefits

  • No waiting periods: take advantage of savings beginning TODAY!
  • No annual maximum
  • No deductible
  • No pre-authorization necessary
  • No wondering what insurance will pay toward your treatment
  • No missing-tooth-clause restrictions or pre-existing conditions
  • Discounted treatment fees
  • Specialized packages for adult, child, and periodontal patients
  • Preventive visits included!
  • All health conditions accepted!
  • Cosmetic treatment included!
  • Coverage cannot be denied!

Dental insurance can be very costly AND very restrictive. Most self-purchased insurance plans require you to pay in to the plan for six months or even a full YEAR before any restorative or major services are covered.

In some cases, patients will spend much more on premiums than they actually need in coverage. In other cases, they may pay those hefty premiums and not have ENOUGH coverage. That just doesn’t seem fair, does it?

This is precisely why we developed the Smile Savings Membership! This plan is NOT dental insurance, but a discount plan designed to give you whatever type of coverage you are in need of ... AND the savings begin the day you enroll!!

Here’s how it works:

Upon enrollment, you pay an annual membership fee, which is similar to what your regular annual checkup/cleaning visits cost. Your checkups/cleanings are then INCLUDED in the plan, so you pay NOTHING when you come in. You will also receive a 10% to 15% discount on ALL other services! 

As an added bonus, members can get their teeth professionally polished, any time, for just $49.00! Have a wedding to attend? A birthday celebration? A date? Just give us a ring and we’ll schedule a time! (There is no yearly limit on this, we just ask that you call to schedule so we can make sure there is someone available for you.)