Dentistry for Seniors in Hellertown, PA

At Tosto Family Dentistry, we care for patients in all stages of life. Our older and wiser patients can count on receiving customized care to meet their unique dental needs. Our goal is to help our senior patients keep their teeth for as long and as economically as possible.

Special Considerations in Senior Dentistry

  • Senior patients require a thorough medical history review to confirm that they can safely handle anesthetic requirements and other medications given during the course of dental treatment.
  • As older patients are more at-risk for root cavities, Dr. Tosto and our hygiene team provide personalized hygiene instructions to prevent decay.
  • Certain medical conditions and medications can affect dental care and dental health; changes in health history and medications are thoroughly reviewed at every visit.
  • We offer age-appropriate treatment options, keeping a balance between longevity and practicality.
  • Keeping clear communication is key to creating a positive dental experience. Dr. Tosto and our team will thoroughly review all conditions and treatment needs and answer all questions before any treatment begins.